Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What ticks you off

During Dinner, I had this conversation with DL about people overstepping their boundaries, especially friends and work. First of first, I'm all about the camp where we giving people chances because we are all learning and we are all human. No human is perfect. This I understand entirely and you will find that I am a very very very kind person by nature.

BUT if you are going to be the sort who will point fingers and attack (me),  especially after I have pushed myself to extend every bit of myself to be hospitable, kind, friendly, sugar, spice and everything nice...

Have faith that I''ll find a million arrows to launch back at you until you repent, apologise or disappear from the surface of the earth.
How nice I can be.. is merely a reflection of how Un-Nice I will be when triggered or met with people who take advantage of my kindness.

So the saying goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" this theory applies for people who have not only overstepped  boundaries, transfer their weight on my toes and counter blame me for the error.
I will hunt you, I bite you, and fling you around by the neck like a dog with it's kill instincts
(If you'll see how some dogs would ripped stuffed toys into fluff in just seconds that's just their killer instincts overriding their cuteness in every little fluffy doggles that you meet)
Well I'm just that sort of girl if you ever work me up into an anger.

I will bypass every kind vein in my body, and have you ripped you apart, and mourn for your death when I'm done being angry.

Sure I dont actually murder people in reality. But I will cut a person off completely from my life until I've found it within myself to forgive and be a peace with the matter/person.
Forcing me to surpress my anger just fuels the anger and frustration of the matter.

I mean WHAT is so difficult in just agreeing that a person's fucked up right?
Who's perfect anyway?
Obviously if I have taken offence in the matter, then the best way to placate me is to let me have my say in whatever the matter is right?

In any case le bf refuses to accept the fact that I have been hurt/ wounded by said person during our discussion and he thinks that I'm over reacting and being dramatic as usual.
I refused to be caught in the middle babe.
I hate people who sit on the fence. Right is right. Wrong is wrong.

But That's alright.
It's just me against the world by myself.
Not like I've never been in situations alone that way...
I started young by the way.. when mom sent me to school and I constantly got bullied at 3 years old?
I learnt not to be a pushover, and By 5, I was girl boss in class.

Who needs a guy to who would say "dont worry, I've got your back"

the crux of it all in the discussion is 天塌下来老娘自己学着顶, 顶不到at most 自己Gameover.
That's the rule of engagement isn't it?
Hahahaha. :D


Saturday, September 16, 2017

My obsession with Hotpot.

Mommy's Pre Birthday dinner conversation by random....

Daphne: We had Hotpot for Supper yesterday night as I was really hungry from Dance Prac....

Le Brother: Wait didn't you have hotpot for dinner the other day when you brought back the Stuffed toy(s)?
Daphne: *goes into deep thoughts*
Dilun: Come to think about it, from Friday to friday (7 days) you ate Hotpot for 5 days.

Daphne: Really?

Friday - Kelvin, CY, Dilun Daphne - Shi Li Fang@ Thomson, I brought home a cat/tiger looking toy for Trixie.
Saturday - Thai food at Orchard Tower with Lulu, Hanwei, Dilun because Raw prawns is yummy!
Sunday - Post Dance practise at SMU, as usual I was starving after all the physical stuff from practise, and city hall was too crowded.... We (Dilun and I ) escaped to Kallang Mall for Sukiya Hotpot..
Monday - Met Claudia for Dinner and was raving to her about how the boys brought me to Shi Li Fang and how I scored the toy... We did it again :D
Tuesday - Valda, Jas, Queenie for dinner at Hai Di Lao.
Wednesday - Walked the dog to "fetch" dinner from Holland Village
Thursday - post practise binge eating, we had hot pot at Bugis because I'm a hungry girl.
Friday - Mom's pre birthday dinner at Little Diners (Today)

Indeed 5 / 7 days of Hotpot dinner.
Mom didn't even bat her eyelids.

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, this would be it.

It has been a life long relationship with Steamboat, only that I have taken this week waaaaaaaaay too far by eating it 5 days in a week. :D
Strange how I did not even notice it, until Le brother mentioned it.


Thursday, June 01, 2017

Strange Dreams

I guess I might be a little "over" lately.
Been getting strange dreams.

I dreamt that I had to use a pair of scissors to chop off entirely, Just one side of my hair.
It was in a tangled mess and specifically I chopped off only the right side of my hair with those cheap stationary scissors.
Avant Garde trending soon Maybe?
If this is how trends might work, we should try 4D numbers soon k.

I dreamt that all my colour pop lipsticks melted from the heat of the sun.
Does this mean I'm too obsessed with my Colorpop much?

On a side note, reality speaking, the pink fuchsia ones (not withstanding to colour pop only) ALWAYS get into accidents more. #truestory
I'll open up and they'll flop

I guess my nightmare sparked from my recent "almost" lipstick accident.

I stared at my toes and they were not my current toe colour.
In fact it was a hideous shade of blue that I absolutely hated, and it was all melting off; as if I have just dipped my foot or emerged from a pool of acetone.

I've been in love with my chrome powder nails, and everyone knows it.
But I highly doubt i'll be obsessed to a point where I'll be dreaming about them, especially my toes?
Unless it's my brains complaining that the toes haven't had as much attention as my fingers, considering that they're equally gorgeous.
OMG so much bimbo talk filling up in this space..

I have always been vain, therefore I highly doubt my recent dreams has anything to do with aesthetics or self confidence or whatever.

Most weirdly, I don't ever dream, or remember dreams.
This is what puzzles me more... why do I have weird dreams? Is it a sign? If so..what is it?
Maybe I'll open a nail parlour, hair salon or makeup shop?
Then again, over working and giving yourself treats might have caused this.


Saturday, May 06, 2017

Growth Chart

Random Fact of the day.

The nail of the index finger grows faster than that of the little finger.
The human nail grows at an average rate of 3mm a month.

Did you know that?
I didn't.

Having read that, I whipped out my ruler and got my nails checked.
Mine seems to be growing at 1mm a week, and it is not even my index finger that I am talking about!

Going back to this blogging business before I got distracted by my nails, I marvel back at the journey that I have taken in the course of my life (to date). I shan't go too far back into history to bore people.

The past two - three years has seen plenty of ups and downs of life, very often involving the leap of faith.
Letting go was one of the best decisions that I have made, not because I gave up like a loser, but rather because I knew that I have already pushed for my best, and the results weren't ever going to show.

Many would say that I have been a fool in wasting too much time, pushing things to the the edge before I have made final life altering decisions.
But I would say that I'm glad I spent the time pushing for things to happen, before I let go.
For I know that I will never look back to ask if I could have done it any better , should I have the ability to turn back time.

Sure we might say that if given the opportunity to turn back time, we might have deployed a different set of reaction/decisions and the outcome might change.
Well well well. Have you ever tried playing puzzle games, where you are stuck at level 1241 for the longest time, and you've tried 234873948 combinations to get past to the next stage and it just doesn't happen?
Sometimes life is just that.. you pass that difficult stage because its the right time, the right algorithm whatsoever.

I digress too much.
It's been slightly over 2 years.
There is a kind of gladness that I have to know that DL has always been a good source of support for me in ways more than I can ever describe.
Surely without having to go through what I went through, I would not have learnt to realise or appreciate the goodness that I have in my life now.

There's a certain type of stability that I have always yearned for that he naturally provides. Perhaps that's exactly the magical compound that our chemistry thrive on.

Sure, there might be days where he would do shitty stuff to trigger an entire complex chain of reactions that is somewhat deeply rooted down to complexities that I have yet to fathom, but most days when we aren't at war, we're good.

I have never realised how quickly time passes
Gravitating back to my nails as an analogy,
based on how quickly my Gelish manicure is growing out, i contemplated just how much nails I have chucked out in this lifetime (creepy!)

Wham!  It's one of those days where you realise how much you've grown as a person.
as a girlfriend, as a daughter, as a human (to the dog). And literally as a human being, a living creature. What more about the quantity of nails you have trimmed off, and chucked away? :D

We learn to rise whenever we fall. In it we sharpen and hone our tenacity in the task and obstacles set in front of us.
We grow emotionally to cope better, even when we are facing adversity
We learn to be more calm and collected even when annoying people hurl remarks that are below the belt that makes you wonder - would you, could you, ever bring yourself to say such stuff in the first place,?

Are these people just being frank or am that I'm just a big faker who's obsessed with being Politically polite when I choose to exercise control and refrain instead of matching their tone and groove to their beats?

Well good news to these filter free people is that  Yeah... some insults do get to me, but honestly nothing a good cry cannot solve, as we learn and get reminded that time tick tocks on,
Whereby life goes on as surely as how the sun will rise,  where seasons will change and so on.

I would like to think that I have been placed in this earth to live my life, and in my life I will continue to find new meanings in my existence; to try to be the best version of myself that I could possibly will, my intent to be.

at 5am in the morning, in a semi sleepy state of mind my only thoughts pertaining to this
are excerpts taken from the movie Cinderella.
She's probably my top 3 favourite princess as a kid, in terms of her personality and life choices.
She does make a lot of sense (if you can view past the fairy, the magikaboola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo part). In it,  there is a lot of lessons that we can keep towards our approach in everyday life)

For starters,  "Have courage and be kind " - this is probably the best known quote in the movie

“Just because it’s done, doesn’t mean it should be done.”- on how we shouldn't stoop to their level, no matter how low some people might be.

“To be seen as we truly are, is the biggest risk we will ever take. 
Will we be enough as we really are?”  - I sure hope so.

“I forgive you.” - Forgiveness sets us free and lets love all the way in. You must forgive all of the pain and sorrow that brought you to this moment; that brought you to love again.
This I'm learning to do so.

If we could all view things with kindness and to our best intent, the world might already be a better place to live in.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

He who is dandruff free #ThingsmyBFsay

At the vet for Trixie's allergy problems

Vet: You can use this shampoo brand called "Cil Pro" for her....
BF: Silk pro? I use that too! :D
Me: *face palm*
No not silk pro la! Wah lau!
Vet: I will give you a prescribed shampoo for now, and if you want to remove the flakes in her skin, you can add in a few drops of "Head and shampoo"
Us: Head and shoulders, ok got it.

Supper time, Le boyfriend suggested that we would dine at Swee Choon, and later swing by Mustafa to get em, Head and shoulders.
I love how he's quick to respond with the shopping list all the time, because I cannot be bothered unless its urgently meant for me. 

In the land of everything (Mustafa), the shelf - yes the entire shelf was filled with Head and shoulders.

As we stood in awe wondering which "flavour" to get for Trixie, I asked aloud... should we get the sensitive scalp one or the lavender one for Trixie? I hate mint, so no mint...
and all these time, Le bf was like in serious studying mode telling me " no..dont want.."

I was puzzled and stared on wondering what's wrong with either sensitive scalp care or lavender?
It's gonna be a little weird if I were to get head and shoulders Extra Volume or Head and Shoulders for men right? 
*visualising a volumised fluffy Trixie running about like a poodle*
or worst!
those men range are for people who are in gender crisis...battling their masculinity and stuff...plus Trixie's a girl...*rolls eyes*

After what seem like an eternity of staring at the shelf of Head and Shoulders.... and he's still dissatisfied at the shelf full of Head and shoulders..
I finally asked him impatiently. 

What exactly are you looking for???

I mean, its just shampoo, and if he really wanted some sick scent I'm not exactly gonna fight with him about it, because its for the dog? I doubt Trixie really cares if she's gonna smell like roses, lavender, green apple or mint.

He replies..anti dandruff...
Me: ????? whut?

BF in a serious concerned voice says " anti dandruff, i'm looking for the anti dandruff ones for Trixie. They don't seem to have the dandruff ones though."

I clutched onto the side of the wall for support when I heard his reply.

Errrps... the entire head and shoulders range IS ANTI DANDRUFF! what are you talking about?
I wanted to cry because he's super serious about it :(

The Bf contemplated my words and says dead seriously "no leh, the different flavours are for different use, there has to be an "anti dandruff" range for the dandruff suffers."

I really wanted to rage that moment when he replied me with disbelief, because le gf is always right.

almost immediately he said
"oops I just saw the fine print on all the bottles" 

It printed anti-dandruff shampoo on ALL the bottles.

Now we're talking. :/

As I redirected him back to my initial suggestion of "sensitive scalp or lavender?"
He says laughingly : smooth and silky? Volumising?

I raised my eyebrow and we went home with sensitive scalp care eventually. 
As of this post, it has been 3 days and Trixie hasn't showered yet, because procrastination is real.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Ahhhh sunday afternoons be like this...

Monday, August 22, 2016

How ENFP reacts and deals with stress

I came across this link  on how each Myers- Briggs type would react to stress on Facebook earlier, and I thought its worth filing it here... in case you know for personal reference :D
For the full list of 16 personalities... click on the link alright.

ENFP – The Inspirer
What stresses out an ENFP:– Environments where rules are rigidly enforced 
– Focusing on repetitive, detailed tasks 
– Having to focus too much on sensory details
– Having to focus too much on the past or present
– Not being able to use their intuition 
– Constraints on brainstorming or envisioning 
– A lack of outside stimulation 
– Being micromanaged 
– Having creativity stifled 
– Having to complete projects before they’re ready 
– Criticism 
– Lack of appreciation 
– Having their values violated 
– Overextending themselves for others 
ENFPs tend to overextend themselves, and procrastinate, which is often a source of stress as it complicates their lives. When they become stressed, their naturally charming natures become more irritable and over-sensitive. When stressed, ENFPs feel alienated and engage in deceptions to obscure what is occurring within themselves. They will feel that they are losing control over their own independent identities and feel conflicted by intruding circumstances. During continued stress, they may fall into the grip of their inferior function, introverted sensing. When this happens, they become obsessive and depressed. They will become hyper-aware of minor bodily sensations or abnormalities and interpret them as a sign of a serious illness. They may have a hard time communicating clearly, and feel numb and frozen inside. Their thinking may become cloudy and convoluted. They will feel that there are no possibilities or ways out. They may feel overwhelmed, out of control, unable to sort out priorities, and thus become inflexible. Some become obsessive about record keeping, cleaning, or other household tasks.
How to help an ENFP with stress:– Give them space and time alone to sort out their feelings. 
– Remind them that they are able and competent.
– Give them permission to “escape” 
– Don’t give them advice. It won’t help right now. 
– Don’t ask for details. 
– Don’t try to “fix” the problem. 
– Meditation often helps ENFPs 
– Listen to them. 
– Encourage them to exercise
– Encourage them to get enough sleep 
– Encourage them to get a massage 
– Be warm and kind in the way you speak to them 
– After they’ve calmed down a little, ask them if they want help evaluating the situation.